Mistress Lilith Of Scotland

Email: info@mistresslilith.com OR necromantiklilly@hotmail.com    Phone: 07857390255


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Chris Mallaney   07951111402       After booking a handfull of sessions and cancelling, he was told to pay a deposit as he was unreliable. Months of time wasting and excuses resulted in my telling him NEVER to contact myself again.  Numerous texts from him has now resulted in him being olaced on the pset page. BARRED!







"Colin"                  07553938736    Deliberately booked an appointment, confirmed, pretended to be in the area then said it was all just a joke, WANKER :)


"bryan Ivison"                07515918948       Foot fetish with a small blonde dog called Cassy and is an alcoholic, ring any bells?  


"Steve AKA Scott Muir"           07455005868    stevewan86@hotmail.co.uk   Texts CONTINUOUSLY and emails non stop saying his budget is £40 per week, books with other dommes and is always a no show. Begs to be blackmailed and used as a cleaning slave blah blah blah blah....      


Abusive Text Messager   07742958151            No reason at all, just thinks its funny so send abusive, non creative boring texts.



Max                      07401384284         Continually texts he is horny and "do I like sex" even when told never to text again. MORON!


Timewaster        07925824610         Booked With Akasha for a "joke"  Typical timewaster.


"Idiot"                   07825222020          After many abusive test messages he then called me  and drunkenly slurring his words.  Like to verbally abuse Mistresses.


"Michael"             07727917731  from Newcastle (works in a bar on Osborne rd), pest to Megara - buys gifts to pay for sessions then cancels order, pretends to transfer money, books and cancels, harrasses by call/text



"Scott"                   07532004038              Booked a session with Akasha, then confirmed, then was a no show, turned his phone off.


"Steve"   stevelondonbridge@yahoo.co.uk       Continually enquiring about bookings, then when he does book, he calls to confirm then is a no show.  Avoid wasting your time taking a booking from this moron.


"Annoying wee prick"   07530936453      

Calls me up and is vulgar down the phone..... twat.


"Thomas Mullen"    07916702247                tmullen62@hotmail.co.uk

Facebook page   http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002505217958


Previously booked a session, confirmed then did not turn up, meaning the slot could have been given to one of my regular clients meaning I lost out on money due to this man. Then emailed again and asked for another appointment. I expalined to him that this is his last chance due to what happened the previous time, he then not only was rude online, but has decided to call me and hang up after being warned not to contact me again.



"John"                           07910744956               glasgowboyforspanking@hotmail.co.uk  

Booked, confirmed, then didnt bother showing up. Tit.                


"Scott"                          07917371068                 Books for a strict mother scenario, then never shows up after confirming.  Has done this to every dom I know



"Collin"                         07747557153               Booked a session as a prank to deliberatley waste Akashas time.



"Sean"                           07745224969                Idiot called and booked a  session with Astrid. He called and confirmed in the morning then did not show for his appointment.  Once confronted on the phone he said he did not care if his number was put online as he would just change it and there are plenty other dommes to scam out there.


"Mark Caining"         07899993389                 Also his other number he uses is 07775736053, loves calling dommes and making appointment, but luckily most of us recognise his voice, pretend to book him in and then give him fake addresses.


"Michael Medical"     07570446121              Called for an appointment and once I informed him that he had called before and his name was michael, he got nervous, told me I was wrong and hung up. Funny that seeing as I have that number stored under Michael medical and have taken phone calls and bookings that you have not shown up for before.



"Caining prick "             07775736053                Called for an appointment, was very specific about not wanting a consultation beforehand and just wanted a severe caining.  He calls the next day to confirm then does not turn up for his appointment.  Prick.



"Jaroslaw "                     07738265166               Booked an appointment with Akasha then cancelled and text constant abuse    when I told him that NO SEXUAL SERVICES ARE ON OFFER!


"Paul"                      Pest to Akasha             07706006835


Icscabbia@googlemail.com      Pest to Astrid    Glasgow


If you do anything to offend me, abusive texts or phone calls, making appointments and deliberately not keeping them, then you end up on this page.


I fortunately do not get many pests or time wasters,  but as a preventative measure, let it be known that I do not take abuse from anyone and shall post your Name, telephone number and email address.


If you have been put on this section and you are now regretting being a abusive, booking false appointments, send me an email of apology and the cancellation deposit which is the FULL AMOUNT , I shall remove you once received.