Mistress Lilith Of Scotland

Email: info@mistresslilith.com OR necromantiklilly@hotmail.com    Phone: 07857390255


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If you would like to see reviews of sessions that clients have had with me, simply click on the Mistress Review site and see for yourself!

Believe the hype ?!

As someone returning to see a Mistress after a couple of years, I was equally as nervous (if not more so) than first time round about the whole experience ........who to find, will it be as I remember, and it's seems there a whole load more "apparent" Mistresses to choose from !!!!

Now only my personal opinion, and I don't tar everyone with the same brush but a visit to a Mistress has to be a genuine experience and it's worthwhile researching to see who can offer this, saving a few pounds to be in someones spare room getting beaten to death from someone with no experience ain't the right way to go ! So on discovering Mistress Lilith and her genuine perversion (sorry Mistress) is exactly on the right lines, the fact she has a dungeon also adds to the experience.

So, where to start.... Firstly booking was simple, and on making the first call to confirm I was pleasantly surprised by how nice her voice is, articulated and quite soft yet clear and commanding at the same time... not what I was expecting ( think I was expecting a hoarse rough voice !) .. On arriving at her dungeon it's well kitted out and private entry which helped the first time nerves (I was bricking it !) ... I think Mistress sensed this and was quick to put me at ease, while promising to destroy me.... That balance of putting you at ease yet dominating early is key as it helps with the connection during the session...

Yeah you read pictures don't do justice and all that , but they don't ! Mistress is definitely taller than I expected and has a sexual appeal about her, as well as being attractive.... for me it's important that a Mistress has this... So far so good I thought :)

Mistress was aware of my preferences as she asked quite specific questions by email and was good that there wasn't a pre scenario outlined, personally I prefer a bit of the unknown, she was quick to put me in my place with combinations of torture, teasing , bondage anal and electrics .... Again all of which I stated I was interested in ....

Mistress definitely keeps contact with you, again that soft but articulated voice making it clear what is going to happen, definitely adds a sense of eroticism.... As well as the occasional brush past you or whiff of her perfume all adds to the moment... Mistress is consistently in control as well...

I also like the psychological dominance without pure humiliation, a transfer of control naturally that you willingly give up ... That's not something that just happens but I was definately in that space

The end of session ended well and I was left clear about the outcomes, as well as being set an additional task ;) .... which in itself was perverted, good stuff !!

So in summary, if your thinking about seeing a Mistress definitely session with Mistress Lilith, easy to communicate with, great dungeon, attractive and undoubtably a Domme who does this because she wants to... Will I be back , obviously yes, nerves about initiating a session gone , only nerves about what the next session holds .. How it should be :)

All only my personal view, horses for courses and all that .... I didn't think I would write a review so indicates how I found the session ,,


Until next time


March 2013          Justin


I recently had 3 sessions over 3 days with the Amazing Mistress Lilith. The 1st sesh was for a half hour with bondage and cbt where she hinted at what was going to happen the following day.The 2nd session was heavy bondage with severe Caning and CBT administerd by Lillith and two of her friends another Mstress and a Master. I was put into a leather straight jacket and leather hood placed over my head i was then strapped face down on her Fetters bondage bed she then Gagged me with 2 silky scarves i could not move my body at all.Firstly she warmed me up by spanking and paddling my backside.Then she and the Master started to cane me it was the most pain i have ever had in a session then Mistress Una joined in and the pain got even worse.Eventually i was released blind folded and strapped down on her bondage throne were i was given extreme cbt by all three i was squealing and begging for mercy but to no avail.At last the session was over i thanked her 2 friends who left. I had a chat with Mistress once i was dressed where she calmed me down.And told me i should be more careful what i ask for in future.....The 3rd sesh was with Mistress LIlith and Una i was dressed as a pvc maid make up applied and left with UNA who proceeded to torture me she finished by caning the soles of my feet.Mistress lilith then took over she ordered me to kneel and lick and suck a dildo. She then told me i was going to be watched by an audience SKYPE.Once she had it set up Mistress totally humiliated me in front of her friends watching on SKYPE even taking requests.Amongst other things she milked me on Fucking machine....I have since booked another session with Mistress Lilith she is truly ADDICTIVE.



I had my second session with Mistress Lilith after a gap of about 8 months. I would love to see her more often but it is only possible to meet on her occasional visits to London. It was certainly worth waiting for. Mistress Lilith was as sexy and kinky as before, if not more so. I was pleased that she remembered me well so I did not need to remind her of my particular interests which she was happy to indulge.Thank you dear Lilith. I'm looking forward to your next visit to London. Please come as often as you can.

May 2013   Alan