Visiting mistress lilith was the first time i have visited a mistress and as a novice i was extremely nervous about the session especially considering i had asked to be hung on mistress lilith's gallows, on being buzzed in to mistress lilith's dungeon and meeting her for the first time , i must admit i was immediately arroused at the sight of mistress who looked stunning in her crisp white shirt, black pencil skirt and leather knee high boots, she looked every bit the part of the executioner, she also comes across as a really genuine person who obviously takes her craft very seriously but not so serious where she can't crack a smile or have a laugh and a joke, infact she has a tremendous knack for putting you at ease on meeting. When the session began though she was all buisness and slipped into the role of executioner seamleslly, during the session as requested i was stripped naked and strapped firmly to a black leather punishment bench, it was in this position that mistress Lilith would extract from me a full confession for my crimes, this she managed by punishing me across the arse with a leather strap, i still have the marks as a little souvenier. I was given the choice of a long drop hanging if i confessed or a short drop which would result in my choking to death, all mock of course, naturally then i opted for the long drop and confessed all. I was then placed in a cage with a leather hood over my head as mistress read out my death sentence, i was then left to contemplate my fate and prompted by mistress to consider what my last request might be, after a considerable time in the cage mistress returned and asked if i had considered my last request and asked what it may be, naturally i opted to be allowed to masturbate myself to a climax as i hung from her gallows, this she granted, i was then allowed the privilage of worshipping mistress Lilith black leather boots before i was prepared for my execution, as preparation a butt plugg was inserted in my arse, this,mistress assured me was to prevent fluids escaping at the point of death, finally the time to be taken to the gallows had arrived i was instructed to step into a harness, this i was told was to allow the retrieval of my body after i had dropped through the hatch, i was then firmly guided up the steps by the mistress and a leather strap was firmly tightened around my shoulders another around my thighs and finally a strap around my ankles, the noose was then placed around my kneck and a silk hood placed over my head,at this point mistress instructed me to masturbate this was possible as mistress had cuffed my wrists in front of my body, as i worked my way to an explosive climax mistress lilith read out my sentence and asked if i had any last words, she then said " may god have mercy on your soul" at this point the lever was pulled and i fell through the trap door ,as the noose tightened around my neck and i was asphixiated i inmediately reached a climax and shot a load of hot cum everywhere. This experience being my first with a dominatrix was a very intense and erotic one and will live long in the memory, i highly recommend mistress lilith and i personally can't wait for my next session.

With my previous session with Mistress Lilith being so enjoyable, I was keen to go back to her beautifully equipped studio for another taste of her particular brand of painful therapy. I was prepared for this session to be a little more challenging than the last one was, first of all because making progress is always better than standing still, and also because I had been fairly cautious when telling her what I wanted for the previous session. Something which had not escaped her notice, and which had been remarked upon. And so it turned out to be.

Mistress Lilith was happy to chat while she worked. She is a great conversationalist with a cracking sense of humour and is fun and interesting to talk to. This is possibly something that many people may overlook when choosing a Mistress, particularly if they are inexperienced like me, but it really does make a huge difference to how enjoyable a session is going to be. The final thing that I have to say this time is that re-reading her About Me page on her websites, it is very striking just how accurately she has described herself on there. Every word she has said on there is a true reflection of what she is like in person when you meet her in session. I'm sure that once you read them that you will agree that that is a very good thing indeed.

I would urge anyone looking for a highly Professional Dominatrix to book a session with Mistress Lilith right away.

I had an incredible session with Lilith and Dolly. They are both very beautiful and very strict doms who push you to the limit, but the rewards are worth it. I have had several sessions with doms and this was by far the best!

Highly recommended!

As a nervous newbie I walked in to Mistress Lilith's Dungeon a walking bag of jelly, and left with a cheesy grin on my face that lasted the whole day.I had thoroughly read the websites of every Pro-Domme that I could find in Scotland, and chose Mistress Lilith based on her 14 years of experience, very tantalising "About Me" section and the other reviews on this page. This turned out to be the best decision that I have made in a very long time. She was very welcoming and friendly and put me at ease as soon as I walked through her door. The session was perfectly tailored to my interests and experience level, and she remained friendly, patient and encouraging throughout. I totally trusted her from the very beginning of the session and felt very relaxed as she introduced me to a variety of new sensations and experiences. I was pleasantly surprised by just how much I laughed during the session. It was fun. As I sit typing this hours later I find that I am still sitting on a slightly warm, tingling sensation which is both rather pleasant and totally unexpected. I do intend to go back soon.If you are like me and nervous about contacting a Dominatrix then I would urge you to contact Mistress Lilith today. You definitely won't regret it. It is impossible to imagine a better introduction to the world of BDSM.

She is the most amazing goddess to serve. Its approaching 10 years that I have known mistress Lilith and I have been blessed by my divine goddess Lilith that I have been lucky to see her. I wish I was her full time toilet , I literally pray goddess Lilith as my religion. I am seeing goddess tommorow again and can't wait to drink divine nectar of my religion . I am enchanted by goddess Lilith and truly mesmerized

Mistress lilith is one of the most intelligent person I have ever met. I felt the sessions are a psychological journey for my mind body and soul. Mistress doesn't need to raise her voice and I am already licking the sole of her feet. Its who truly mistress Lilith is a champion of a domination who knows what a submissive craves and using it in a very intuitive manner to make the whole experience most enjoyable. I know mistress lilith forover 9 years and not a single session has been less than amazing. nly problem is mistress Lilith is divine and hard to resist divinity so once you visit her you will keep going back.

This was my first visit to Glasgow and I knew from the moment I saw Mistress Lilith’s website that I had to meet with her.Our initial contact was by email and I was given some basic instruction where to be and at what time. Standing outside an anonymous door I pressed the buzzer and waited patiently to be let in, not knowing what to expect. I made my way towards the dungeon door and was greeted by Mistress Lilith where I was sat down on a bench facing her.Nerves were getting the better of me, however she spoke gently and calmly to me and set my mind at ease with a friendly smile whilst also adding in the same breath that another Domme would be attending (you can only imagine how I felt at hearing this unexpected news !!!). Mistress Lilith then left the room on this bombshell leaving me to get ready.The session was fantastic as I’d not asked for anything specific other than to test my non existent wrestling skills against her at the commencement. Needless to say I was no match, and I was very soon at a distinct disadvantage that I could do nothing about.During the session I was “introduced” to Mistress Violet who proceeded to test my boundaries whilst Mistress Lilith watched with amusement at my predicament. The session ended all too soon, but it was an incredible experience with a very professional Mistress who made me feel so welcome. I can wholeheartedly recommend Mistress Lilith if you ever have the good fortune to visit Glasgow.

This review is long overdue. I have seen Mistress Lilith five or six times over the last year or so for foot worship and anal play. The first time I saw her she put me at ease right away and was friendly but also highly professional and obviously knew what she was doing. The premises is invariably spotless and easy to locate while being discrete. I always feel very safe there. Lilith herself is a very beautiful lady, tall with great legs and a lovely figure and obviously fit. She never rushes through the sessions I have had with her, but paces herself and loves being in control, which is as it should be! I hope to see her again later this year. All in all, highly recommended. Ross.

I had the pleasure of doing email training with Mistress Lilith,was great tasks she set me to do,exploring things i never would have tried and enjoyed doing them all to make Mistress happy.Would highly recommend Mistress Lilith and hope to do more tasks for her,many thanks :)

I have known mistress lilith for 10 years and its been a journey. I have accepted goddess lilith as divine being in my life as she truly inspires me with the persona that she is , i will alway pray to her till the day I die . I think of my session as a itual and a devotional experience and at the end of it my blessing is mistress lilith's golden nectar which is by the way very very tasty , I cant wait to try it again. What makes mistress lilith stand out is the true passion that drives her to be the best in what she does. Goddess lilith dosen't need safe words as goddess knows our slave mind more than us as she is a true femdom artist. I would 100% recommend goddess lilith for a femdom psycholigical ecstasy!!!

I recently went on holiday to kos with my partner and asked mistress lilith to give me a task to do while on holiday the task was to write the name lilith on a different part of my body every day of my holiday as I had only paid for 1 task I thought this could be difficult as I was withmy partner 24/7 so I asked mistress the punishment for failing to achieve this would be £50 for every day not to do the task bit harsh i thought mistress lilith told me do the task then so day 1 i was out on the balcony completed first task sent picture as instructed done so off to the beach for the day only to come back to instructions to do the same again at 9 o'clock that night so sneaked away to repeat the task sent the picture as instructed only for mistress lilith to tell me it was different from the original which meant I had washed it off so a £20 fine was issued bad start i thought so days 2,3,4,5,no problem day 6 done the task and foolishly asked if she wasn't board by this time, not a all mistress answered in fact told me to make this post before 6 o'clock that night or a £100 fine would be added to the original fine as I been out all day thinking everything was great i came back to read the email it well after 6 o'clock in Greece so I had only about an hour to write this post which I have never done before so failed miserably here i am been home for 2 weeks and just found out how to do this so hopefully mistress lilith will show some mercy (although she's not known as the first merciful type )so if you ask mistress lilith for a task to do while on holiday be aware she can be tricky and catch you unaware i thank her for the task she set me and enjoyed the test she set me very much thanks Mistress lilith

Had the pleasure of sessioning with mistress Lilith and mistress Aurora. I was made to feel at ease right away and had a little chat about my kinks and limits. The session began and instantly I knew this was going to be the best I had ever had. I had asked for very sweaty smelly feet and socks and I wasn't disappointed. The smell and feeling of the sweaty socks from both these wonderful mistresses was outstanding. I haven't stopped thinking about them since.The control they over me was something I am craving to have again. The dungeon was also very clean and well equipped.I will without doubt be back again!

Mistress Lilith was even friendlier than last time. I expect that she could put just about anyone at ease almost immediately with her welcoming smile and good humour, just as easily as she could probably make just about anybody squirm with her mischievous smile and wicked laugh. Once securely strapped down upon her spanking bench, it quickly became clear that this was not going to simply be a repeat of the previous session, and she certainly had a few new experiences in store for me as the session progressed, as well as turning the dial on anything familiar from last time up a few notches. As previously stated it was a harder session than last time, yet not too hard and still within my limits. I suspect that Mistress Lilith knows what I would be able to handle in a session better than I do.

I was nervous about embarking on visiting a Pro-Domme for the very first time but I'm so pleased i bit the bullet and, more to the point, I'm delighted it was with Mistress Lilith. Mistress put me at ease from the very start and I'm everso grateful. It was very cool experiencing a wave of heart-beating nervousness just before i met her, next experiencing being genuinely awe-struck when i did meet her, then being eased in by a truly professional Domme. I booked for a footworship session and loved every minute of being under her beautiful feet. Being a first-timer, Mistress also gently introduced me to a few new things - the whole experience just left me buzzing.

Whatever i do or wherever i go in life, nothing & no-one can ever take away the experience that Mistress Lilith gave to me on Saturday 16th May. I will be eternally grateful to her for the quality of the '1st time' memory that she has given to me - its something i'll always look back on. That's a lasting imprint on my life and its testament to how polished Mistress Lilith is at what she does.

I've found my perfect Scottish Mistress.