Due to lockdown, many businesses have either felt a harsh financial weight upon them or folded altogether. Luckily, AbstraktMe Studios is managing to pull through the pandemic and will come out the other side unscathed.

I feel that lowering my tribute would be the correct decision in a highly unstable economy for the time being.

I am lowering my tribute prices for the next 20 days when PHASE 3 of lockdown has been initiated, and shall review them after that on a weekly basis.

Regular clients and slaves have been given priority access and first refusal on these revised costs, so once they have booked in during Phase 3, I shall release the revised Tributes to the public.


Having studied Biomedical science, I am qualified and trained in Aseptic practices, and shall be applying extra precautions in the studio, as well as training every Domme that uses my premises in these techniques.

When you book a session and arrive at the studio, the following changes shall apply;

* Keep a 2-metre distance when entering the dungeon.

* Sit on the Chaise straight away and await my instruction.

* Once I leave the room, strip, and put EVERYTHING you are wearing into the bin bag provided, and tie it securely, slide it under the chaise.

* Use the wipes I have sat out for you on your body, and place the used ones in the flip lid bin.

* Use the Hand sanitiser that has been sat out for you.

* NOW place the specially made mouth and nose mask on I have provided for you.

* Be on all fours on the marked out box on the wooden floor and wait for me to enter the room.

* I shall be wearing vinyl gloves as I usually do, but with 20-30 glove changes per hour during the session, and also a face mask, and a fresh new dress after each session.

* Once the session is over, I shall leave the room, you simply put your clothes on, and dispose of the bin bag and face mask into the flip lid bin.

* Use the hand sanitiser, and sit on the chaise and await my return.

* When escorted out, please observe the 2m rule.

* The studio equipment that has been used is then wiped down with an enzyme destroyer, disinfectant and finally sprayed with an antibacterial solution, as well as the floors being mopped in similar solutions,