Looking to book your first session but worried you will be scammed or worse?

It takes balls and a whole load of trust to visit a Pro Domme, a stranger, a stranger who will see you at your most vunerable.

You do not know who is waiting to greet you behind that door. You do not know what might happen to you once you arrive at this strangers premises. I have news for you....

I feel the same way!

I do not know what type of man has booked with me. I do not know what type of man is behind the door waiting to be alone in a room with me.

Mutual trust,research, respect and to follow protocol is the key.


A very kind client of mine produced this amazing video on what it is like to be a novice and book a session for the first time. The hesitation, the fear, the courage it takes.

Once you have watched the video above, please read the reviews that all clients who have seen me, submit to an independent site not controlled by Pro Dommes.

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Once you have done your research, read reviews about me, and watched the video above, then do get in touch!