The virtual reality session is a mixture of sensory deprivation, bondage, and an interactive element introduced by me, for an intense, heightened state of senses.

You will be strapped securely into either the vacuum bed, leather sleep sack, or bondage swing. The virtual reality headset is placed on you, so you can only see or hear what I allow.

I will be in complete control of your senses, and you will be helpless.

The session incorporates virtual reality, motion simulation, pain (depending on your tolerance if any) and a mix of your own personal fetishes.

I shall be offering this at a reduced rate of £100 per hour, or you may add this on a regular one-hour booking, extending your usual session by 30 minutes for £50 to sample this new kink.

If you are interested in this, do get in touch, as the reduced rate is only for January.